Septo-Air Basic Septic Tank Conversion Unit Up to 30 People

Septo-Air Basic Septic Tank Conversion Unit Up to 30 People

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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Aeration unit improves BOD discharge septic tanks, bio treatment plants
  • Introduces aerobic bacteria which digest heavy black slime blockages.
  • Kit: air pump, air hose, fixings, pump, diffuser, outlet filter, bio media, instructions
  • Warranty 12 months, yearly change/clean air filter

pdf Datasheet (Basic Septic Tank Conversion Unit) - Click here

Features & Advantagese

  • Most economic treatment system in UK
  • Regenerates blocked leach/percolation fields and soak-away systems
  • Converts existing septic tanks and cesspools without any expensive digging
  • Utilizes highly efficient aerobic bacteria to breakdown sewage
  • Avoid rotten egg smell coming out of your septic tank caused by production of toxic gases
  • Treatment plant is completely hidden from view
  • Easy to install in one hour
  • Aerobic bacteria use the bio-matt produced by anaerobic bacteria's an energy source
  • Help maintain efficient soak away fields
  • Works in high water tables
  • Simply once per year maintenance

How to Install

  • Simple to install : Drill holes for hose and anchor bolts in septic tank, place diffuser in tank connected to anchor bolts, connect hose from diffuser to air pump and plug into mains supply. We supply different fittings for fibreglass or plastic tanks. Full installation instructions are enclosed with each installation kit. We recommend that your system is emptied and cleaned before fitting the Hydra Septo Air System.


Hydra® Hydra Septic Tank Conversion systems come with a linear air pump, air diffuser, bacteria starter pack, outlet filter, biological media, internal tank mounting fittings and 30 metre braided air hose.

List of Models and Capacities :

Model Litres Air per hour Power Noise Level db. Diffuser Size No of Persons BOD 24hr Gram
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0060 3600 45 watts 40 500mm <20 4600
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0080 4800 60 watts 40 750mm <30 6200
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0100 6000 80 watts 45 750mm <40 7760
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0120 7200 90 watts 45 1000mm <45 9320
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0150 9000 170 watts 45 1000mm <55 11654
Hydra Septo Air SEPA0200 12000 230 watts 46 1000mm <75 15414

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