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Kitchens and Restaurants

Kitchens and Restaurants

  • Reduces COD's, BODS's, TSS's
  • Keeps the discharge within authority limits
  • Destroy bad smelling bacteria
Septic Tanks & Treatment Plant

Septic Tanks & Treatment Plant

  • Boosts Natural Septic Tank Bacteria
  • Used in Sewer Treatment Plants
  • Clears up accumulated blockages and blinding screens


  • Boosts sludge digestion
  • Liquefies the solid build ups
  • Reduces harmful gases and flies
Soil / Water Solutions

Soil / Water Solutions

  • Vastly Increases Plant Growth Rates
  • Boosts Oxygen Levels In Root System
  • Biological Answer To Common Problems
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Grease Traps
Hydra Grease-Eater Enzyme Liquid