4 x 5L Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid
4 x 5L Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid4 x 5L Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid4 x 5L Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid4 x 5L Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid

4 x 5L Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid



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  • Ensures grease traps, pipework and drains are clog free and free flowing.
  • Highly concentrate dual action enzymes, bacteria gives immediate results.
  • Automatic dosing via timer pumps, protects 24/7, no discharge issues.
  • Shelf Life 2 years, 5 litre lasts average restaurant 1 month

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid has 12 bacteria strains with over 500 million cfu/g.
  • Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid Enzymes Solution makes it easy to clean kitchen grease.
  • Biological product for kitchen grease trap cleaning and eliminating unpleasant odours.
  • No more sewage backups, overflows or grease clogged kitchen sink.
  • Maintain clean and hygienic kitchens with Hydra grease eater liquid. Regular use of Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid greatly reduces the frequency of emptying and cleaning grease traps.
  • Reduces downtime and saves lost business hours due to sudden flooding or sewage backups.
  • Controls rodents and insects. Truly clean work areas with Hydra oil and grease remover.
  • Prevents heavy penalties due to illegal discharge in main drains from commercial kitchens.
  • Environment friendly constituents. Contains natural enzymes and bacteria.
  • Enzyme based formula ensures quick action on grease deposits with no harmful load on the environment or damage to grease trap body.
  • Use in conjunction with Hydra’s automatic dosing pump or dose manually. Hydra Auto Dosing Timer Pumps allow just the right dose required every time without lapse.
  • No more offensive smell in your kitchen due to rotting organic waste.
  • Non- toxic and completely biodegradable kitchen sink drain cleaner with specific enzyme that cut down grease, oil and fats.

How To Use

Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid is formulated to suit both domestic as well as commercial kitchens. Grease/oil trap cleaning becomes faster and easier with regular usage. Liquid formula allows easy application; simply pour into the kitchen sink drain or use in automatic dosing unit for hassle free regular cleaning and upkeep


Preferably apply after the kitchen closes down to avoid inflow of boiling water acidic food waste that may hamper the action of bacteria and enzymes. Hydra oil eater degreaser may also be used in pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, drainage systems, grease separators.

 Used by:

Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid is an environment friendly, biological product therefore is used across various sectors of hospitality, medical care, food chain etc. Our client list include popular food joints, food plazas, club houses, small and big bakeries, departmental stores, air ports and many more segments. Hydra grease trap maintainer also shows effective results at dissolving FOGs in septic tanks and cesspits.

Full instructions available on the product label.

For use with the Hydra Grease-Eater Dosing System, dilution rates below.

Grease Trap or Interceptor
Size grease Trap Daily Dose Amount Hydra Pump Setting
Up to 40 litres 100ml a day 1
50-100 Litres 150ml a day 2
100-200 Litres 200ml a day 3
200-300 Litres 250ml a day 4
300-500 Litres 300ml a day 5
Over 500 Litres 350ml a day 6
Over 1,000 Litres 400ml a day 7
Over 2,000 Litres 500ml a day 9
Drains (No Grease Trap Fitted)
Drainage Run Daily Dose Amount
Up to 15 Metres 150ml a day
15 - 50 Metres 170ml a day
50 - 75 Metres 200ml a day
Over 75 Metres 300ml a day

The best time to use Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid is an hour after the kitchen closes to avoid any boiling water, detergents or fats.


Hydra liquid enzyme kitchen degreaser dissolves fats, oils and grease build up in grease trap, kitchen drain lines, and cesspits. The product formula contains active enzymes as well as bacteria to ensure quick action with long lasting effect on FOGs. Regular usage of the product maintains clean,free flowing drains and grease traps along with effective control of the foul odour due to accumulated grease and oil.

Grease inceptors or grease traps are essential in most commercial kitchens and sometimes in domestic kitchens to prevent direct escape of waste water into the main line. Grease traps are designed to stop grease and discarded oil; therefore it is important to clean them regularly. Enzyme enhanced kitchen degreaser as Hydra Liquid Enzyme Solution decomposes FOG deposits into water and harmless gases.

Concentrated formula offers visible results with very small usage quantity.

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