Hydra HDC 76 (Heavy Duty Descaler)
 Hydra HDC 76 (Heavy Duty Descaler)Hydra HDC 76 (Heavy Duty Descaler) 

Hydra HDC 76 (Heavy Duty Descaler)

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  • Removes tough unsightly deposits from limescale, hard water and uric acid
  • Reduces cleaning time, removes pipework scale, maintains choke free drains
  • Contains cleaning agent that eliminate bad odour producing bacteria.
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 litre treats up to 5m²

Features & Advantages

  • All in one toilet cleaner for germ free, odour free, scale free hygienic toilets and urinals.
  • Powerful toilet cleaner acts upon bad odour producing bacteria hidden in scale deposits
  • Heavy duty descale formula that successfully removes scaling due to hard water, uric acid and lime scale.
  • Maintaining frequently used toilets becomes easier for managers and janitors. No bad odours, no unsightly deposits, no complaints from staff and patrons.
  • Low foaming action ensures easy rinse off.
  • Unlike other toilet cleaners does not produce strong fumes, therefore safer for use in confined areas.
  • Single product removes stains and scale deposits, removes bad odour. No need to invest in multiple products. Economical and reduces cleaning time.
  • Dissolves scale deposits in drain pipes, traps and waste outlets. Maintains free flowing drains.

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How To Use

  • Pour onto the scale deposits or stains directly. Allow contact time while HDC 76 dissolves scale deposits.
  • Once the scaling loosens and comes off the surface, flush the toilet.


Not suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces

Do not mix HDC 76 with other cleaning agents or chemicals such as bleach or acids.


Hydra HDC-76 removes bad odour producing bacteria with its powerful cleaning action. An effective water descalar, Hydra HDC 76 cleans and deodourises at the same time. The multi action formula eliminates the need of using multiple products for cleaning, hence reducing cleaning time. The product does not fume excessively therefore is suitable to work with in confined areas. Low foaming action ensures easy rinse off.

Uric salts, present in urine, as well as calcium/magnesium carbonates are the major cause of scaling. These depositions create bad odour and may choke drains and traps. Hydra HDC-76 fixes both of these problems for janitors, managers, caretakers and homeowners, who all find it difficult to maintain clean hygienic toilets.


pdf Datasheet (Hydra HDC 76) - Click here

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