Hydra Bio-Defence (Flood Damage Clean Up)

Hydra Bio-Defence (Flood Damage Clean Up)
 Hydra Bio-Defence (Flood Damage Clean Up)Hydra Bio-Defence (Flood Damage Clean Up) 



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  • Breaks down and removes smelly effluent replaces with pleasant fragrance
  • Destroy bad smelling bacteria, replaces bad with good bacteria
  • The only way to remove effluent that has soaked into porous surfaces
  • Shelf life 2 years, 1 litre treats up to 16m

Brand:  HYDRA


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Features and Advantages

  • Hydra Bio-Defence contains a powerful blend of enzymes and natural bacteria that breakdown and remove odours from flooded areas.
  • Hydra Bio-Defence does not contain harsh chemicals to damage the environment.
  • Hydra Bio-Defence is completely biological and environmentally friendly.
  • Safer to your health and the environment than chlorine or other bleaches.
  • Hydra Bio-Defence removes effluent that has soaked into porous surfaces which is normally impossible to remove by conventional cleaning methods.
  • Hydra Bio-Defence is easy to use - simply dilute with water and spray or mist over areas the product has a pleasant cherry fragrance.
  • Hydra Bio-Defence Flood Clean Up Treatment will eliminate the odour causing bacteria rather than simply masking the smell.
  • Results are usually seen quickly, typically within 1-2 weeks.

How to Use

Pump out all excessive water, floors, walls and other areas that may have been water-damaged need to be thoroughly cleaned.Use a non-ammonia soap or detergent, or a commercial cleaner, in hot water, and scrub the entire area that may be affected by mould.Ventilate the area as you work, opening windows and running a fan. After rinsing and allowing those surfaces to dry completely.Then spray the Hydra Bio-Defence solution onto surfaces to be treated.

Use neat or dilute 1 litre of Hydra Bio-Defence with up to 4 litres of clean tap water.

1 litre diluted solution treats 4 square metres.

It is recommended that the dilution water is free of chlorine and other disinfectants that may inhibit the growth of the bacteria.

If area still smells after one week retreated affected areas.

Applying at previous applied dilution.


The Problems

Flood waters can contain sewage or other biological contaminants. Even if sewage is not part of the mix, flood waters pick up organic debris along the way, causing damage making it a messier clean up and a situation that can result in the rapid breeding of harmful bacteria. After flooding and the subsequent clean-up it is common for the areas flooded to suffer from malodours. This is because effluent has soaked into porous surfaces and is impossible to remove by normal cleaning methods.

These foul smelling odours are caused by a mixture of chemicals released from proteins, bacteria and organic matter and if left untreated they will multiply and spread further. This leads to the odour intensifying making it increasingly difficult to contain and eliminate. Commercial environments such as factories, retail outlets, commercial premises, healthcare establishments and food preparation areas can all suffer from problems with malodours after flooding. These odours make it very difficult to continue trading as normal.

The Solution

Hydra Bio-Defence is a specially formulated concentrated biological preparation for UK flood damage clean up cleaning and deodorising flooded areas.   

Hydra Bio-Defence is the naturally effective way to clean without using toxic and caustic chemicals. The product is safe for the environment, non-flammable and readily biodegradable. 

Hydra Bio-Defence combines biodegradable surfactants which comply with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) 648/2004 on detergents, plus a fresh fragrance, beneficial enzymes and bacterial strains, which digest organic effluent debris at the source.

Because Hydra Bio-Defence contains enzymes as well as bacteria these act synergistically to rapidly break up waste molecules, which are then digested by the bacteria and converted into carbon dioxide and water.

By out competing the existing harmful bacteria for nutrients and humidity Hydra Bio-Defence establishes a viable invisible biomass that decomposes urine and excrement residues in a more preferential way.

By eliminating the odour causing bacteria rather than simply masking the smell. Hydra Bio-Defence ensures that the commonly found vile odours are completely removed.

The microbes in Hydra Bio-Defence will penetrate all porous surfaces and establish hard working but invisible self-renewing biofilms deep inside inaccessible areas.

These microbes will continue working until all trace of odour producing contamination has been removed.

Hence the product successfully performs many functions – it cleans, refreshes, eliminates organic waste build up and deodorises by destroying the source of the bad odours.

It is harmless to people, animals and the environment, and is completely biodegradable. If odours persist, continue to dry out the area and search for any areas that continues to smell musty.

Reapply the Hydra Bio-Defence solution to these affected areas.

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