Hydra Bio HC Buster (Oil Spills Clean Up)
 Hydra Bio HC Buster (Oil Spills Clean Up)Hydra Bio HC Buster (Oil Spills Clean Up) 

Hydra Bio HC Buster (Oil Spills Clean Up)

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  • Converts harmful petroleum/hydrocarbons to water and carbon dioxide
  • Effective oil spills cleaner to remove hydraulic oils, mineral oils and more
  • Use in soil or water, ships bilges etc. anywhere contamination is found
  • Shelf life 2 years, 1 litre treats up to 30m³

Features & Advantages

  • Microbial remediation process changes hydrocarbon or petroleum products into water and carbon dioxide
  • Use on petroleum, oil spills
  • Highly effective blend of natural bacteria that act synergistically on phenolic compounds, hydraulic oils, mineral oils, both volatile and heavy aliphatics, aromatic compounds, mineral oils, hydraulic oils, bromated hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Ideal to treat oil/water separators and interceptors
  • Homogenous liquid that is completely biodegradable

How To Use


Use in the ratio of 1:10 to 1:30 for heavy contamination levels.

Use in the ratio of 1:300 for light contamination.


  • For existing deposits of Hydrocarbons
  • You may either dilute Bio HC Buster using water for injection or spraying purposes or
  • Apply onto the contaminated area in liquid form

Bio HC Buster does not require additional nutrient dosage to clear up the contamination

  • For application in interceptors or where there is continuous hydrocarbon feed
  • For better remedification ensure there is sufficient aeration for bacteria to act aerobically. Aerobically functioning bacteria produce at least eighteen times more energy than anaerobically acting bacteria. Add nitrogen fertiliser monthly at the rate of 25g per m³
  • For treating ship bilges
  • Single application of 100 ml/ m³ treats the detritus

Note: Cutting oils containing biocides should not be allowed into the interceptor systems as biocides may interfere with the action of bacteria present in Bio HC buster.

Full instructions on the labels.


Bio HC Buster is a homogenous liquid blend containing carefully chosen bacteria. The special bacterial blend quickly metabolises heavy and tarry hydrocarbons. A highly effective microbial remediation is of special use in case of historical spillages or emergencies.

Bio HC Buster is fortified with nitrates and phosphates (not present in most of the other products in the same category) acting as the source of nutrients for bacteria enabling them to colonise faster and rapidly act on the contaminants. The bacteria included in Bio HC Buster are facultative, that is, adapt to the environment depending upon oxygen availability. Although, better results are achieved with aerobic conditions.


pdf Datasheet (Hydra Bio HC Buster) - Click here

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