Hydra HS Neutralizer (Septic Tank Smell Remover)
 Hydra HS Neutralizer (Septic Tank Smell Remover)Hydra HS Neutralizer (Septic Tank Smell Remover) 

Hydra HS Neutralizer (Septic Tank Smell Remover)

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  • Use to fix the problem of septic tank, bio treatment plant odours
  • Promotes biological action of bacteria that removes smelly hydrogen sulphide
  • As a result BOD levels are reduced and the septic system operates better
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats one septic tank twice

Features & Advantages

  • An ideal product for odour elimination and get rid of septic tank smell.
  • Includes oxygen releasing agents that break the sulphide production cycle, the origin of bad smell.
  • Stimulate natural bacteria action, which uses up dissolved hydrogen sulphide. As a result B.O.D. level are also reduced and the septic system operates better.

How To Use

Measuring spoon included in the packing for your convenience.

Usage Rate:

Add 1 heaped spoon (45 grams) of Hydra HS Neutraliser in the toilet bowl or directly to the septic tank. Using the product once a week is enough for bad odour removal and septic tank care.

Initial treatment may require heavy dosage of 4 to 8 heaped spoons, to get rid of very bad smell.

Use the spoon provided with the pack for measuring the product.

Full instruction on the label.


The problem:

In septic tank systems bacteria requires oxygen for breaking down of the organic material. Bacteria preferably consume oxygen that is readily available: elemental oxygen. Once elemental oxygen is used up, sulphate oxygen is next source of oxygen. Reaction with sulphate oxygen leaves the bi-sulphide ions free to react with hydrogen and produce sulphate gases including hydrogen sulphide. These gases are the main cause of septic tank smell.

The solution:

Hydra HS Neutraliser includes oxygen releasing agents which act as a primary source of oxygen for bacteria to use and hence break the sulphide production chain.

In addition, Hydra HS Neutraliser promotes natural bacteria that consumes dissolves hydrogen sulphide and reduce B.O.D. By removing the very source of bad odour (i.e. the sulphate gases), Hydra HS Neutraliser helps in bad odour removal.

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