Hydra Bio Growth (Plant Growth Enhancer)

Hydra Bio Growth (Plant Growth Enhancer)
 Hydra Bio Growth (Plant Growth Enhancer)Hydra Bio Growth (Plant Growth Enhancer) 

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Brand:  HYDRA

  • Vastly increases plant growth rates, by enhancing symbiotic fungi growth
  • Boosts oxygen levels in soil surrounding root systems in water logged soil
  • Use for plants, shrubs and trees
  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 50 plants, 25 shrubs, 13 trees

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Features & Advantages

  • Aids in plant growth rate.
  • Promotes development of symbiotic fungi helping to maintain healthier roots.
  • Includes slow oxygen release agents, select bacterial strains (both aerobic and anaerobic).
  • Improve soil for various purposes including tree transplantation procedures, forestry, agricultural and horticultural.


The Problem

Heavy rain falls or faulty irrigation techniques may lead to low oxygen content in the soil. Soil may become waterlogged due to these factors. Sand, loose soil, limestone, silt all clog together when unstable soil is irrigated using water guns (or after heavy rains); this creates a seal which is unreceptive to carbon dioxide and oxygen. In addition, aeration process is difficult in the soil containing low organic matter. Some plants need high temperature and abundant sunshine to grow; the condition may lead to lack of oxygen in the soil. All these factors result in stunted root and undergrowth of plants, non germination of seeds, poor yields etc.


Hydra Bio-Growth is used for soil amendment purposes in horticultural, agriculture and forestry. The product decomposes slowly upon mixing with moist soil, giving out oxygen along with the corresponding hydroxide in the process. Hydra Bio-Growth is able to modify the biological activity of the soil in more than one way including:

  • Boosts biological and aerobic activities under high moisture setting.
  • Introduces diversity of enzyme.
  • Makes roots healthier by promoting the growth of symbiotic fungi.
  • Protects roots.
  • Facilitates improved hydraulic conductivity of the soil for better movement of nutrients and oxygen. Heavy soils are specially benefitted by this occurrence.
  • Helps in better absorption and efficient usage of nutrients and water.

Hydra Bio-Growth is especially useful in tree transplantations; assisting the tree to acclimatize quickly and aiding in strong radical development. Most seedlings are unable to survive the “post operational shock” from transplantation due to loss of radicals, lack of appropriate care, and unfriendly soil. Absence of sufficient oxygen in waterlogged or compacted soil may also prove fatal to the transplanted seedlings. Adding Hydra Bio-Growth in the soil ensures continuous supply of oxygen to the root balls for a long period, alleviating the effect of transplantation and helping the tree/seedling/plant to become well established enabling the tree to reach mature status earlier.

Hydra Bio Growth includes slow oxygen release agents along with natural micro-organisms of the soil capable of interacting with the plants. The 8 bacterial strains of the product belong to Pseudomonas, Bacillus, Azotobacter and Chaetomium genus. The constituent strains include both facultative and aerobic organisms. The total viable count of at least 5.0 x 108 cfu/g, in ready to use product assures optimum results every time.

Hydra Bio Growth acts in two ways to enhance plant growth:

  • By directly stimulating the growth through the improvement in nutritional status of the root environment.
  • By reducing and sometimes altogether eliminating the risk of attack from deadly pathogens like Botrytis and Pythium.

Hydra Bio Growth offers excellent result for wide range of plant. transplantations. Some of which are capsicums, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and various herbs, ornamental flowers.

Field trials were conducted to measure the efficacy of the product.

Duration of field test: 2 years

Sample for transplantation: 2.5 metres high and 0.1 metre diameter oak trees. Procedure:

No use of fertilisers during the test period.


Holes (50cm wide, 40cm deep) large enough to hold the root balls were dug.

Mix Hydra Bio Growth (300g to 1000g) with soil to treat different samples.

Fill the holes with untreated soil and treated soil (in different ratio) while transplanting the trees.

Give sufficient water.

Plot area used for conducting the test was 16m long and 4m wide, equally divided into 4 columns.

Click here for the result of the field study.

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