Soil / Water Solutions

Oil Spills Bioremediation

Oil Spills Bioremediation

  • Effective Oil Spills Cleaner
  • Use In Soil Or Water, Ships Bilges etc.
  • Remove Hydraulic Oils, Mineral Oils & More
Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater Remediation

  • Degrades organic contaminants
  • Treats total petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Oxidises heavy metals
Soil Composting Bacteria

Soil Composting Bacteria

  • Biological Compost Accelerator
  • Accelerates the Degradation of Vegetable Matter & Carbohydrate
  • Shelf life 2 years
Balancing Ponds & Lakes Treatment

Balancing Ponds & Lakes Treatment

  • Biological solution for cleaning balancing ponds and lakes
  • Breaks down contaminates
  • Improve water quality
Plant Growth Enhancer

Plant Growth Enhancer

  • Aids in plant growth rate
  • Promotes development of symbiotic fungi
  • Boosts oxygen levels in soil
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