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Features & Advantages

          Devours hydrocarbons such as greases, oils,                Safe to use in all drainage systems.
           fats, and solvents.
                                                                      Increases dissolved oxygen, which boosts
          Safely breaks down FOG’s, Soap, Hair etc in                 biological metabolic activity downstream at the
           drains.                                                     waste water treatment plant.

          Unlike sulphuric acid drain cleaners pipework              Rapid action. Takes just a few minutes to
           does not get hot.                                           remove grease, oil or fat deposits.

          Eliminates organic odours that bother                      Devours toxic hydrogen sulphide gas that
           neighbours and employees.                                   corrodes the metal.
          Scavenges poisonous hydrogen sulphide,                     Keeps BOD, COD and TSS level under control.
           prevents metal corrosion.                                   Saves you the related surcharge.
          Reduces COD’s, BOD’s, and TSS’s and their
           related surcharges.


                                                                 Drains & Grease Traps
                                                                 Hydra Bio Blast is ideally suited to remove heavy
                                                                 grease build-ups in drain lines and grease traps.
                                                                 Because it is non-caustic and non-acid, it can be
                                                                 used in any drain or grease trap to provide a deep
                                                                 clean prior to starting a biological maintenance

       100% Biodegradable
       When Hydra Bio Blast contacts organic soil, greases,
       oils and fats it immediately starts to break the
       hydrocarbon chains down into their individual
       components of hydrogen molecules and carbon
       The hydrogen and carbon molecules then pair with
       the free oxygen molecules donated by the Hydra Bio
       Blast to form water and carbon dioxide as the only
       by-products of the reaction.
                                                                 Lift Stations
                                                                 Ideal for annual deep clean of lift stations or for use
                                                                 as an initial deep clean prior to starting a Hydra
                                                                 biological maintenance program.
                                                                 Automatic Dosing
                                                                 Can be added automatically through Hydra’s auto
                                                                 dosing units.

                                                                 These are either timer pumps which come on once
                                                                 per day or other pumps which will treat the trap on
                                                                 an automated basis.

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