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How To Use

       Drains and Grease Traps
          Slowly add Hydra Bio Blast to each drain opening
           starting with those located closest to the grease
           trap and work upstream.
          Add 5 to 10 litres per drain opening may be
           required to completely remove existing build-up.
          Be careful as foam may be produced during the
           clean-out and this foam may come up through
           floor drains.
          Drain covers may be used to prevent this from
          Foam can be rinsed back into the drain easily
           after application.
          If Foams are produced during the application
           then add cold water to slow down the cleaning
           process and eliminate the foam.

                                                                 Lift Stations

                                                                    Pump down the water level in the lift station and
                                                                     turn the pump off.
                                                                    Add 50 - 100 litres of Hydra Bio Blast by pouring
                                                                     it directly on FOG build-up.
                                                                    Allow 20-40 minutes for the reaction to occur
                                                                     while grease, oil, grime and scum are dissolved
                                                                    Use more Hydra Bio Blast if necessary for larger
                                                                     lift stations or lift stations with heavier build-ups.
                                                                    On average 80-85% of the organic soils and
                                                                     FOG’s will be vaporised.
                                                                    Upon completion of the treatment, turn the
                                                                     pumps back on and start the Hydra biological
                                                                     program of your choice.

       For Septic Tanks & Bio Treatment Plants
           Dissolves fat and grease deposits in the tank or
            plant tanks.
           Does not affect the bacteria in the septic tank or
            biological treatment plant.
           Breaks down to oxygen and water.

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