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Features & Advantages

            Bacteria blend breaks down waste faster                Cleaner liquid output to the drainage area /
                                                                     leech field, this prevents clogging which can
            Degrades paper, grease and vegetable waste
                                                                     create water-logged ground and unpleasant
            No need to empty septic tank and cesspool /             odours
             cesspits as frequently                                 No damage from flooding as a result of blocked

            No disruptions from blocked pipes and drains            drains and sewage back-ups
            Extends life of drain field / septic tank soak-        No residue, environmental friendly and safer to
             away                                                    use than harsh chemicals
            Improves drain field percolation.                      No insect and rodent problems

            No offensive smells                                    No costly pump outs

          The Problem

       A septic system is a small scale sewage treatment        Many common household cleaning / washing products
       system commonly installed at properties situated off     act to slow down or kill-off the normal activity of the
       the main sewage pipeline. They are often features of     micro- organisms found in septic tanks which are
       holiday homes or houses in more remote areas of the      essential for correct operation. Hydra Septo-Boost
       country.                                                 treatment counters this effect.

                                                                Common factors that upset the natural process
                                                                     Over use of disinfectants

                                                                     Over use of bleaches
                                                                     Over use of detergents

                                                                     Very hot or cold conditions

       A Septic System consists of various components
       including: Septic Tank, Inlet wastewater pipe and a
       Drain field/Soak away. Waste water from the property
       flows into the Septic Tank directly from the drainage
       pipes from the sinks and toilets.

       Once in the septic tank, the waste water settles out
       with solids at the bottom and scum floating to the top.
       The settled solids are then anaerobically digested by
       naturally occurring bacteria in the tank.

       The remaining liquid flows through the dividing wall     You can make sure you do not damage the bacteria in
       into another chamber where it settles further. Any       your septic tank by using septic tank friendly bath-
       excess liquid is then drained out in a relatively clear   room and kitchen cleaners and limiting the amount of
       condition from the outlet into the leach field           bleach and detergents that you use.
       (sometimes known as drain field/soak away).              Hydra manufacture a range of cleaning products that
                                                                compliment the bacteria in your tank.
       The problem occurs when the bacteria in the septic
       tank are not available in sufficient numbers to process
       the waste water sufficiently. This leads to the slow
       running of your septic tank system which can result in
       back ups and odours .

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