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       Hydra Septo-Boost biological treatment is a powder       Use regularly as an easy-to-apply once-a-month treat-
       product based on micro-organisms, oxidisers, enzymes     ment to maintain activity levels in systems.
       and nutrients to liquefy and digest grease, cellulose,
       starch etc.                                              Packs contain either 6 months or 12 months supply of
                                                                individual powder sachet treatments. They are clean
       Use in septic tank, cesspool, cess pit and klarchester   and safe to handle and use, supplied in a convenient
       septic tanks decreases the need for septic tank                     water soluble sachet for direct application into the
       emptying.                                                toilet.

         Thanks  to  the  synergetic  action  of  bacteria,  en-
           zymes  and  nutrients  it  provides  a  rapid  and  in
           depth  start-up  Contains  both  immediate  and  slow
           release  oxygen  additives  which  boost  biological
           performance in the system.

         Maintains  efficient  bio-degrading  activity  in  septic
           tanks  using  naturally  occurring            micro-
           organisms eliminating septic tank problems.

         Packed in water soluble sachets for ease of appli-

         Each sachet contains natural micro-organisms, en-
           zymes and nutrients to maintain the efficient bio-
           degrading  activity  ensuring  a  correctly  operating
           tanks septic and cesspits.

         These bacteria digest grease, soaps, proteins, fats,
           oils, many chemicals found in cleaning products.

         Once the treatment has started the bacteria colo-     A correctly working system will break down solids, fats
           nise the sceptic tank, cesspits / cesspool providing   and grease faster, requiring less frequent emptying,
           protection 24/7.
                                                                will not give off unpleasant odours, and will have a
                                                                cleaner liquid output to the drainage area / leech
         Ideal for Klarchester septic tank.                    field / septic tank soak-away.

                                                                This prevents the clogging which can create  water-

         How To Use

       Initial Treatment - Add one sachet day 1, one sachet     For best results, flush the Hydra Septo-Fresh into your
       day 3, one sachet day 6.                                 system last thing at night.

       Maintenance Treatment - Then add one sachet each         Remember this monthly treatment keeps your system
       month.                                                   running efficiently decreasing the need for frequent
       How to Use—Maintenance Treatment

            Once  a  month,  open  the  pack  and  remove
             1 powder sachet.

            Place the sachet into the toilet bowl of the toilet
             nearest the system.
       The sachet wrap will dissolve in contact with water.
       Allow a few minutes for the wrap powder to dissolve,
       and flush away into the system.

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