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Features & Advantages

       Bacteria/Enzyme Treatment for Farm Wastes                    Easy emptying of the pits for easy application
                                                                     on crops.
            Rapidly establishes the desired strains of bacte-
             ria in pits and lagoons.                               Liquefies Farm Sewerage & Compacted waste
                                                                     for ease of pumping.
            Encourages the establishment of an environ-
                                                                    Its biological action educes the total nitrogen
             ment to maintain these beneficial strains               content of the waste.

            Breaks down and recovers organic material              Reduces the levels of odour-causing com-
             (accelerates the natural process).
            Reduces harmful gases (ammonium levels).
                                                                    Establishes the desired strains in the pits and
            Suppression of crusts in the pits.                      lagoons for the most efficient biological
                                                                     breakdown of waste.

         The Problem

       Organic  Material,  Blockages  &  Blinding  Screens      This material needs to be either physically removed or
       Cause Bad Odours & Flies                                 digested in some way to maintain efficient and clean
       Organic waste from animals is made up of proteins,
       carbohydrates, fatty materials and fibres, which
       solidify making it  difficult to liquefy and reduce them.
       These insoluble solids and suspensions are particularly
       difficult to break down.
       As a result, the solid build up and cake must be
       liquefied outside the bacterial cells and through the
       action of enzymes segregated by special bacteria.

       The production of waste materials and organic matter
       is present in almost all cooked food manufacturing
       and farm applications.

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