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       Hydra Bio Sludge Buster is a mixture of bacteria
       necessary for molecular metabolism of organic waste.
       It works as a biological activator that breaks down the
       residual organic matter by enzymatic means.

       In essence, a biological chain reaction begins that can
       continue until all the organic material has disappeared.

                                                                Accelerates breakdown of organic material.
                                                                Clears blockages and prevents blinding screens.
                                                                Considerably reduces bad odours and flies.
                                                                Reduces harmful gases (ammonium levels).
                                                                Suppression of crusts in pits.
                                                                Breaks down and recovers organic material
                                                                (accelerates the natural process). Easy emptying of
                                                                the pits for easy application on crops.
                                                                The microorganisms in Hydra Bio Sludge Buster are
       Animal Effluent In Soil
                                                                naturally occurring and will not harm the environment.
       Hydra Bio Sludge Buster can also be use in animal        These bacteria and other microorganisms have the
       pens and enclosures where urine and faeces are often     ability to reduce the total nitrogen and ammonia
       highly concentrated in the soil.                         content of the waste.
       This high concentration leads to flies and strong smells
       especially during the summer months.
       Effluent tends to have an acidic pH, because Hydra Bio
       Sludge Buster contains calcium carbonate it brings the
       acidic pH back to neutral, this enables the beneficial
       bacteria to thrive.
       Spread over the area to be treated and mix into the
       soil if possible.
       1 kilo treats 10 sq. metres, retreat monthly if
       necessary. Harmless to animals and wildlife.

         How To Use

       Slurry Waste                                             Temperature enhances the action of Hydra Bio Sludge
                                                                Buster provided it does not exceed 40 ºC.
       1 kilo Hydra Bio Sludge Buster per 50 m³ of slurry/
       waste.                                                   The lower the temperature, the lower the speed with
                                                                which the waste is broken down.
       This dose is recommended as a first load.
       Repeat dosing to be applied every 25 days.                             The doses are by way of guidelines, as in each case it
       Simply apply Hydra Bio Sludge Buster to the slurry pit   is necessary to consider the characteristics of each pit
       and leave to activate.                                   or drain, as well as the volumes.
       For large storage systems stir, spread or mix over the
       tank surfaces.

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