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Features & Advantages

          Breaks down FOG’s (fats, oil and greases).               For fast breakdown of all organic matter
                                                                     including, fats, vegetable oils and grease.
          Contains Enzymes + 12 Bacteria Strains.
                                                                    Ideal treatment for sewage plants including
          Speeds Up Natural Bio Degradation                          pump stations.

          Its non-pathogenic bacteria with additional free         Faster breakdown of organic material results
           enzymes that breakdown waste far quicker than             in reduction of harmful gases and flies, making
           bacteria alone.                                           the tanks cleaner and safer to manage.

          Highly effective treats the type of wastes that          Helps biological treatment plants by reducing
           are normally difficult to treat.                          treatment needs.


       Prevents the Blocking
       Small / Medium Diameter Sewers

       Free from FOG Accumulations
       Ensures Pump Control Systems, Level Probes remain
       Keeps Digesters

       Free of Grease / Fats Build-up and Scum.
       Hydra Bio Sewage Buster is designed primarily for
       application in pumping wells and sewers where fat,
       oil and grease (FOG’s) are present in nuisance
       concentrations.  The product contains selected
       bacteria and surfactants designed to give rapid and
       effective results.

                                                                 Hydra Bio Sewage Buster only contains the
                                                                 appropriate micro-organisms suited to such
                                                                 operating conditions under which they produce the
                                                                 enzymes systems essential to the FOG degradation

                                                                 This bacteria rapidly builds up a bio-film on pipe
                                                                 surfaces and walls that continue to release the
                                                                 required enzymes which break down the FOG’s in a
                                                                 biological chain reaction that continues until all the
                                                                 organic material has disappeared.

       Rapid Penetration
       Low foaming surfactants penetrate and help break
       up the waste material to maximise biological
       The results are free flowing pipes, cleaner lift
       stations and reduced odours.

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