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       Enzymes released by Hydra Bio Sewage Buster              Its biodegradable surfactants allow rapid penetration
       Bacteria initiate a chain reaction that continues until   of the product for maximum biological action.
       complete sewer cleanout is achieved.
                                                                Keeps level probes, pump control systems free of
       Cleans and prevents future blockages in small to         FOG deposits.
       medium diameter sewers by creating a bio film on the
       inside surface of the pipe work.                         Reverses the harmful effects of acidic/caustic cleaning
                                                                agents and restores the natural biomass inside the
       Hydra Bio Sewage Buster includes just the right kind
       of bacteria to effectively treats waste from food        Highly effective treats the type of wastes that are
       processing factories by accelerating the natural         normally difficult to treat.
       decomposition process of the organic waste that has
       solidified making the degradation process difficult.

       Because Hydra Bio Sewage Buster contains multiple
       bacteria strains plus enzymes that breakdown waste
       far quicker than bacteria alone.

       Faster breakdown of organic material results
       in reduction of harmful gases and flies, making
       the tanks cleaner and safer to manage.

       It is the best product of its kind for the fast
       breakdown of organic matter, fats, grease and food
       production waste.

           How To Use

                            Sewers                                            Treatment Plants
         Flow Rate      Initial Dosage    Maintenance**       Flow Rate      Initial Dosage*     Maintenance**
         < 100m³       500g per week        250g week        < 1,000m³          7kg day             250g day
         < 250m³       500g x 2 week        500g week        < 2,300m³          12kg day            500g day

         < 500m³      500g every other     500g x 2 week     < 5,000m³          25kg day           1kg per day
         < 1,000m³        500g day         500g x 3 week     < 25,000m³    2.5kg per 1,000m³      0.5kg/day per

                                                             < 50,000m³     2kg per 1,000m³       250g/day per

       Spread this initial dosage out over the  course of 10 days.
       ** Add as regularly as possible.  If it is required to miss one day, add that day’s product with the next dosage.
       Dosage rate will vary with flow rates, retention times and system variations. The rates above are for a typical, well
       maintained system.

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