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Features & Advantages

        Uses natural, safe bacteria to digest and consumes        Reduces corrosion and wear in pumps and
         grease and FOGs.                                           equipment.

        Contains natural growth enhancers & bio-stimulants        Excellent for low flow lines or upstream from ’Hot
         to maximise bacterial action.                              Spots’.

        Significantly reduces malodours (Hydrogen                 Lasts for up to 6 weeks, automates waste water
         sulphide) and FOG (fats, oils and grease) deposits.        treatment.

        Reduces effluent COD/BOD levels by up to 80%.             Produces abundant amylase, protease, lipase,
                                                                    cellulose, dioxygenase, and pentasonase primary
        Treats lift stations, wet wells and manholes               enzymatic activity.
         continuously 24/7 maintenance.
                                                                   Contains natural nutrients for bio stimulation and
        Bacteria keep working on waste after leaving the           growth enhancement.
         lift station.

          The Problem

                                                                 A treatment is needed that will deal effectively with
                                                                 FOG’s from waste water applications and prevent
                                                                 blockages in drains and sewers.
                                                                 Grease Traps : The first place that FOG’s build up in
                                                                 kitchens, is the grease traps. Waste water from
                                                                 domestic and commercial kitchens, particularly those
                                                                 that contain high levels of grease and fat enter the
                                                                 trap where they solidify allowing FOG free water to
                                                                 flow freely out into the sewage system.

                                                                 However, without proper treatment & maintenance,
                                                                 grease traps can become blocked and overflow.

       The build up of fats, oils and grease (FOG’s) from
       domestic and commercial kitchens in drains and
       sewers is a big issue. It causes:
         Blockages and foul odours in drainage systems.
         Environment Pollution and flooding.

         Health & safety issues.
         And is expensive and messy to rectify.

                                                                 Wet wells : Wet wells and lift stations are designed
                                                                 to handle sewage that is fed from underground
                                                                 gravity pipe-lines. They move raw sewage to higher
                                                                 elevations which otherwise wouldn't be possible,
                                                                 which can severely impair sewage processing.
                                                                 These set ups are particularly vulnerable to becoming
                                                                 blocked with FOG’s which can severely impair sewage

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