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The Solution

       Hydra Bio-Block is a solid, bacteria-laden organic
       block for use in degrading organic waste.
       The safe, enzyme-producing bacteria (non-
       pathogenic) are pre-sent in sufficiently high
       numbers to handle difficult organic problems.
       The unique Hydra Bio-Block will gradually dissolve
       over a 6-8 week period which allows for continuous
       treatment of waste in grease traps, sewer lines, lift
       stations, wet wells, grease traps and other waste
       water applications where a heavy build up of grease
       The bacteria will begin to work downstream,
       consuming the grease and fats as they go.

                                                                 Microbiological Information
                                                                 Multiple strains of selected Facultative anaerobes
                                                                 (growth with or without oxygen).
                                                                 All microorganisms are Class 1 ATCC organisms, Non
                                                                 -pathogenic, Spore Forming and Vegetative cells.
                                                                 Certified Salmonella Free.
                                                                 Produces abundant amylase, protease, lipase,
                                                                 cellulose, dioxygenase, and pentasonase primary
                                                                 enzymatic activity.
                                                                 Contains natural nutrients for bio stimulation and
                                                                 growth enhancement.

          How To Use

          Clean system first (use twice the recommended         Dilutions & Applications
           amount if you are unable to clean system first).
                                                                 Application     Volume and        Volume and
          Add Hydra Bio Block directly to area being                             Block Size        Block Size
                                                                 Grease Trap   <200 litre - 500g   <600 litre-1kg
          Do not place the block directly into the flow of      (per chamber)
           incoming water.
                                                                 Septic Tank &  <3,000L - 500g   <10,000L 2.5-5kg
          Select a less turbulent area of the grease trap,      Bio System
           but not a dead spot.
                                                                 Lift Stations /  <100m³ day - 2.5 kg  <500m³day - 5 kg
          Always suspend the block by a rope so it is not       Wet Wells
           washed away and is always submerged in water,
           but NOT on the bottom of the tank or pipeline.        Manholes /    Small - 500g      Large - 2.5 kg
          Check blocks every 2-4 weeks.

          Install another block when the block has degraded
           by 50-60% to ensure sufficient bacterial dosing.

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