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Features & Advantages

            3 in 1 treatment that boosts bacteria, reduces           Suitable for all septic tanks sizes.
             malodours and stops slow running drains.
                                                                      Aids the growth of the soils natural bacteria in
            Digests fats and other floating material that             soak away field.
             clog pipes and the disposal field .
                                                                      Restores flow to slow systems.
            Uses natural, safe bacteria to digest and
             consume FOGs.                                            Reduces effluent COD/BOD levels by up to
            Contains natural growth enhancers and bio-
             stimulants to maximise bacteria action.                  Easy to use and cost effective, no measuring
                                                                       or waste.
            Significantly reduces malodours (Hydrogen
             sulphide).                                               Increases pump out intervals by reducing
                                                                       sludge formation.

         The Problem

                                                                      Ground movement (dips) near the septic tank
                                                                       or soak-away drain-field.
                                                                      Overflows into shower or bath when the sink is
                                                                 Anaerobic is the bacterial condition and action which
                                                                 occurs when there is not a plentiful supply of air or
                                                                 oxygen i.e. a typical septic tank.
                                                                 In this anaerobic condition the bacteria produce foul
                                                                 smelling and dangerous hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S)
                                                                 and sulphides.
                                                                 This same anaerobic bacteria secrete a bio slime

       Signs of a Failed Septic Tank Soak-Away
            Septic tank effluent surfacing on your land.

            Strong or bad odours coming from the septic
             tank or drains.
            Pollution of nearby ditches or streams with
             septic tank effluent.
            Slow flushing of toilets and gurgling in the
             drains/ toilet overflowing.

            Overflow at washing machine hook-up.
                                                                 which over time clogs the porous pipework and
                                                                 surrounding soil making it impossible for liquid to
                                                                 soak away.
                                                                 These combined factors greatly impact bio film
                                                                 growth and field flow loss.
                                                                 With this understanding, solving the problems
                                                                 biologically is not as difficult as once believed.

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