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The Solution

       Hydra Re-Gen switches the facultative bacteria to an
       aerobic state thereby greatly increasing efficiency and
       preventing the production of Hydrogen sulphide gas.

       In the aerobic condition these bacteria produce
       odourless carbon dioxide (CO2).
       Hydra Re-Gen contains vast quantities of fast and
       slow release oxygen agents and enzymes these have
       a unique natural reaction which rapidly boosts the
       natural bacteria in your system.
       This unique combination allows the facultative
       bacteria which is present in all human waste to switch
       from anaerobic to super efficient aerobic bacteria
       which is up to twenty times more efficient in breaking
       down sewage.

                                                                 Acting rapidly this fortified bacteria breaks down
                                                                 organic matter and clogging sulphides without killing
                                                                 the helpful bacteria in your septic system.
                                                                 Hydra Re-Gen should be dosed directly into the into
                                                                 the leach field via the distribution box to prevent
                                                                 slow running.

                                                                 If you do not have a distribution box, add Hydra
                                                                 Re-Gen via the outlet pipe.

         How To Use

       Use blue measuring scoop supplied

       1 heaped spoon = 40g

       Slow Running or Blocked Drain-field

       Remove standing water.

       Add 500g Hydra Re-Gen to 20 litres of water and add
       via distribution box after septic tank.

       If you do not have a distribution box, add Hydra
       Re-Gen via the outlet pipe, this is normally an open
       ended t-piece.

       Push a large flexible through this open into the leach
       field as far as possible, then using a funnel pour this
       slurry into the tube.

       Repeat weekly until clear.

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